Healing my Hashimoto’s

It was late 2011 when I was finally diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease. 
In retrospect I had started to get sick a couple of years before but at the time couldn’t see how all the changes in my health were connected. The weight gain, the viruses and infections, the lack of energy. 
If I had not been working so hard in an executive role and living on a tropical island in the middle of the Whitsundays I might have taken the time to do a bit of research on what it meant when in 2009 the local GP told me I had grumbling Hashimoto’s. But he reassured me it was nothing to worry about at that stage and when it progressed to being an issue there was some Thyroid medication I could take.
So I just got on with life and my health continued to go downhill. 
Fast forward to 2011 and without me understanding at the time, my grumbling Hashimoto’s had become a very big issue with a whole raft of new symptoms. After a week in the Mater hospital where they told me nothing was physically wrong with me, a GP at the clinic near work finally diagnosed why I was so sick. I had an auto immune disease that affected my Thyroid called Hashimoto’s Disease. It wasn’t until much later however when I had a clearer head and was starting to heal that I connected the dots with that initial diagnosis a couple of years before. 
That second diagnosis changed my life. 
Since then I have learnt everything I can about Thyroid and auto-immune disease and worked hard to put all the pieces together to heal my body and restore my health. One of the first things I discovered was taking 50 mgs of Thyroxin every day was not going to heal my auto-immune disease. It may give my body some more T4 hormone to use but unless I could address the core issues I was never going to feel well again.
So began the long journey of finding a doctor who understood hormones and auto-immune disease and a naturopath who could help me rebuild my system.

Today, 10 years later, I have the odd day where I feel inflammed and exhausted but 90% of the time I am strong and healthy as long as I eat well and do the right things to nurture my body. 

Getting to this stage however was not easy. Everytime I got through one layer of healing, another layer presented itself and my naturopath and doctor quickly discovered how sensitive my body was to anything new.  

What worked for others did not work for me and quite often resulted in me feeling significantly worse. My only option was to go slow and gentle and get used to three steps forward and one step back.

What I discovered was there were 5 key elements that were fundamental to me healing was body.

My 5 Elements of Healing

1. Detox and heal my liver using food – Methylation issues, glutathione issues and a reaction to many of the supplements and herbs that other people could take meant food was going to be the best solution for me

2. Heal my gut and digestive system – Auto-immune disease start with a leaky gut. Mine was a mess so the first step was to start with a strict elimination diet supported by gut supplements to nourish and heal my gut

3. Rebuild my immune system – After contracting EBV in my twenties and then Ross River Fever and Staph Infections living in the tropics my immune system was struggling. Calming down these viruses and addressing these infections required many months and years working with my naturopath to get my immune system really strong again

4. Rebalance my Adrenals – years and years of stressful jobs meant my adrenals were in overdrive. I needed to give them a whole lot of love and calm them down. 

This meant giving up work for 6 months, sleeping lots, meditating and eating lovely nourishing food. I knew I would never be able to return to the demanding executive roles that had contributed to me getting sick but after this intense period of nurturing and healing my body I was well enough to go back to part time contracting roles. 

5. Address my Menopause symptoms – A lifetime of Endometrosis resulted in the removal of my uterus at 43 and my ovaries at 49 introducing me to the joys of early onset menopause.

My menopausal symptoms were debilitating and it was not until I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and  I found a doctor who understood hormones that I got them under control with progesterone cream and a nutritious gluten, dairy and sugar free diet.

Your experience with Hashimoto’s Disease will be different to mine. You can read my Hashimoto’s story here.

We are all born with our own individual genomic profile. None of us are bio-identically the same and we have all taken a different journey to get to the stage where our immune systems are so unwell they are sending antibodies to attack our Thyroid. 

What I have discovered is having the right professionals to guide and support you as you heal your body is essential.

As a Health Coach who specialises in hormones I can work with you to identify and put in place a nutrition plan and lifestyle changes that will help you to heal and stay well.

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Embrace Menopause & Thrive

Every woman experiences menopause differently. Together we will find out what will work best for you to help you manage your symptoms, feel well and set yourself up for good health during your 40’s and 50’s.

The right food, exercise and lifestyle changes will help you to:

  • Sleep better
  • Wake up with more energy
  • Have a clearer mind and a better memory
  • Lose some unwanted kilos
  • Have less headaches, hot flushes and mood swings
  • Feel confident in your body and who you are as a woman

Be Well – Age with Confidence

Why is this program designed for women only?

Because researchers have now discovered that not only do women’s bodies age differently to men’s bodies, so to do their Brains and it has all got to do with hormones.

This is one of the reasons why two thirds of Alzheimer’s patients are women and Dementia is the number one cause of death for women in Australia.

This program will take a woman’s perspective on health and wellness and incorporate elements of the Brain Fit, Memory Rescue and Embracing Menopause program.

Taking a bio-individual approach that looks specifically at your health and lifestyle needs you will discover how to:

  • Keep your mind and memory sharp
  • Successfully keep your weight at a healthy level
  • Nurture your body, Brain and hormones with the right foods and supplements to keep them healthy and balanced
  • Slow down ageing through the right exercise and lifestyle changes
  • Have the energy to live the life you want to live
  • Be confident in your body and who you are as a woman

Brain Fit for Life

Did you know that when your Brain works right, you work right and when your Brain is troubled, you have trouble in your life.

When your Brain is Fit you make better decisions, you are healthier, happier, have better relationships and are more purposeful and successful in life.

What we will do to make you Brain Fit!

  • Take a deep dive into how the Brain functions and how problems in different parts of the Brain can affect behaviour and your health
  • Assess your Brain and your Brain health via Dr Amen’s online Brain assessment tool
  • Look at the four circles of Brain health and how to balance your work and home life
  • Fuel up your Brain for high performance through nutrition, supplements and gut health
  • Give you tools and techniques to challenge ANTS (Automatic Negative Thoughts)
  • Develop a Brain optimisation plan that will protect your Brain for the future

Memory Rescue

Are you noticing that your memory is not as good as it used to be?

Has Covid affected your short term memory?

Is your Brain a little foggy or not as sharp as it used to be?

It is not until our memories start to slip that we realise how essential they are for working and living well.

The exciting news is the Hippocampus which is the memory centre of the Brain makes up to 700 new cells every day. If you put these cells in a growth environment they will thrive, keep them in a toxic environment and they will die.

This program starts with a review of your Brain health using the Dr Amen on line Brain health assessment tool which will give you a personal report of your current Brain health.

Then using the BRIGHT MINDS pneumonic as a guide we will look at each of the 11 major risk factors that steal your mind and what you can do to manage these risks, sharpen your memory, boost cognitive function, reverse brain ageing and decrease your risk of Alzheimer’s Disease.